02 spring colors to paint your home

Spring Painting Colors To Refresh Your Home

After a long winter, spring brings us a sense of freshness and enthusiasm. We can’t help but be inspired by the transformation of the environment from wintery neutrals of brown, gray, and white to the vivid hues of spring! If the new season has inspired you to add more color to your home, now is the time to paint.

Not only are you naturally ready to change things up in the spring, but it’s also excellent for painting from a practical aspect. For outdoor painting, the weather tends to be ideal, and it’s much easier to book professional painters in the spring—if you wait until summer, painters tend to be very busy. 

Colors for Spring Painting

The alternatives for selecting paint colors to brighten up your home are unlimited! If you’re stuck for ideas, look around you. Nature definitely puts on a show in the spring! Color inspiration can be found everywhere, from the many shades of green in your garden to the charming little flowers sprouting up all around town. Once you’ve figured out which colors speak to you, it’ll be much easier to narrow down the specific hue you’re looking for.

Exterior Paint Colors

Because most individuals change up the outside of their homes less regularly, you want exterior colors that will last. Beyond your own personal style and what’s current at the time, there are a few factors to consider when selecting a color palette for your house. You’ll want to find something that mixes in with the natural surroundings and fits in with the homes around you—you don’t want to be the loudest house on the block! Many places have paint color criteria that must be followed, so it’s a good idea to check and make sure you’re not breaking any restrictions by choosing a new hue.

Gorgeous Green

Green is usually a great choice for an external look because it can add a flash of color while remaining on the more neutral side of things. While dark colors of hunter green are normally popular all year, we love the notion of employing a brighter green as an allover exterior color for a new spring touch. If you want to stay on the darker side, try Basil by Sherwin-Williams; for something softer, try October Mist by Benjamin Moore.

Buttery Yellow

Yellow is the ideal spring hue since it instantly conveys a cheerful, optimistic mood! While we typically see yellow used inside homes, we like a light buttery yellow as an exterior hue. It’s a style that jumps out but isn’t overpowering when paired with a plain crisp white trim and accents. What’s lovely about gentle yellow is that it works well as an accent hue with brighter colors—how cute would it be with a brilliant pink or blue front door? As an exterior color, we adore Pale Moon by Benjamin Moore.

Interior Paint Colors

When selecting new spring colors for the interior of your home, consider how the room functions. For a location designed for entertainment, you might want something brighter and more dramatic to add some vitality to the space. Look for softer, more relaxing tones in places like bedrooms, bathrooms, and even family rooms where you just want to rest. There’s so much room to experiment—once you’ve decided on your wall colors, you can have fun highlighting other items with different accent colors.

Blush Pink

Blush is just as classic as it gets for spring! This gentle pink includes parts of the pastel Easter tones but is a touch more soft and refined. What’s great about blush pink is that it comes in a variety of tones, from virtually white with a hint of pink to a pure rosy light pink that’s not too bright. This warm, relaxing color instantly produces a comfortable vibe in any space, keeping things peaceful and soothing while still injecting some positive energy into your decor. When it comes to accent colors, anything goes! For a more subtle aesthetic, keep things balanced with neutrals such as soft white, light gray, or beige. Pair it with sage green, gentle blue, or a darker gray for a more daring look. For color inspiration, try Cosmetic Blush by Sherwin-Williams.

Subtle Gray

We know what you’re thinking. Gray for spring? Absolutely! Gray walls may really sing spring if styled properly. In this case, it’s all about the accent colors. A light gray tone is a terrific alternative to simple white walls that will really let the other more vibrant aspects of your home sparkle. This is a terrific option for a room with a nice dramatic element you want to accentuate, such as a wall with a large window, a fireplace, or even a piece of art. Soft gray is the ideal foundation for experimenting with color, from bright sunny yellows to dazzling turquoise, or vibrant Fuschia pink to bring in those wonderful spring elements. Light Pewter by Benjamin Moore is a real light gray, and Alpaca by Sherwin-Williams is a more greige appearance.

Bergen Rockland Painters is here to help if you’re thinking about giving your home a new look for spring! Whether it’s the inside or exterior of your property, our experienced painters will transform it in no time. We can help you choose your perfect colors and take care of all the prep work—just leave everything to us and you’ll come home to a fresh new area at the end of the day. To get started, book your free consultation today!