How To Prioritize Rooms For Painting

How To Prioritize Rooms For Painting

When you paint your home, it’s best to work systematically. Remember that you’ll be missing crucial rooms and areas for an extended amount of time and paint fumes and odors to manage with. Use these strategies to maintain your life as usual while painting your home.

Why Are You Painting?

Knowing your final goal can help you prioritize the sequence in which you proceed. Whether you’re redesigning your kitchen or bathroom, putting it on the market, or want to remodel and live in a lovely house, knowing your goal will help guide your decisions. For example, if you’re selling your home, paint the rooms that will create the most significant impression first: Your 

foyer (people are more accustomed to foyers than hallways), living room (the main area people will be visiting), main bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. If you’re gradually remodeling your house, consider how the paint jobs will affect your daily life. You may begin with guest bathrooms and bedrooms since they are usually out of the way.


Painting your main bedroom and bathroom first is also an excellent location to start since you’ll be able to go back to your usual routine soon. As you finish the rooms, you’ll have a place to sleep and restroom facilities, so you won’t have to feel like you’re camping in your living room. And you’ll love how you feel when you go to bed and wake up in your gorgeous room, so you’ll be driven to finish the rest of the home.


If you’re painting the whole home at once, the kitchen is an excellent place to start since if the kitchen is out of commission, the rest of your life is on the wait. You will need more money to eat nutritious meals and spend more money on takeout. Starting with the kitchen will soon return that space to the cycle of your daily existence. Like a new bedroom, a gorgeous new kitchen might urge you to keep going around the house.

Living Room

Be prepared to spend a long time in the living room. It’s usually a vast space; you’ll have to transfer furniture into other home areas, such as the kitchen. As a result, painting this space may be disruptive. It is a good idea to tackle it towards the finish of your home painting process.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is a beautiful place to save until last. It is usually smaller and may be completed fast, but it is not a high-priority room, so leaving it until the end is OK. Keep your clothes outside the washing room on the day of painting and a few days afterward to avoid absorbing paint odors.

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