When should I paint my home’s exterior?

Many homeowners need clarification on the ideal time of year to undertake outside painting jobs. While exterior painting may be done at any time of year (under the correct circumstances), spring is undoubtedly the ideal time to complete outside tasks.

Six reasons to plan outside painting this spring!

1. Recover quickly from winter damage.  The severe winter cold damages the outside of your house. Water may infiltrate materials and inflict quick damage if your paint is old or damaged. Scheduling an outside painting job in the spring is a fantastic way to have your property cleaned up and protected from the weather right away.

2. Exterior painting is best done before other outdoor projects. –If you have landscaping or gardening work around the home, why not paint beforehand, so you don’t have to worry about working around new plants or keeping paint out of fresh much?

3. Moderate temperatures allow for ideal curing – The warm spring temperatures are ideal for drying exterior paints. Exterior painting should be done while the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit but before it becomes too hot. Paints may dry too rapidly if applied on hot summer days, hindering the creation of a good paint coating.

4. Look great for the summer season –Washing away the winter dirt and mildew and having a new paint job is the ideal approach to prepare your property for summer BBQs and block celebrations. Improve your house’s curb appeal and be prepared to host summer guests by scheduling your outside makeover this spring!

5. Free up your summer schedule –When the beautiful summer weather arrives, your calendar will be filled with gardening, sports, and other activities. Remove paint from your spring to-do list early, and enjoy your summer knowing that your house looks wonderful and is in excellent shape!

6. Prepare your summer home in advance – You may minimize disruption and inconvenience by arranging your painting job in the spring and having your summer property ready for the season.

Do You Require the Services of a Residential Painting Contractor?

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