How to Clean Your Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Cleaning your kitchen can occasionally seem like an onerous task. And while many individuals regularly clean up the obvious debris on dirty floors, stovetops, and worktops, cabinets are more frequently neglected. You would be astonished to learn how much of this accumulation persists and continues to gather dust and grime between the numerous splatters, spills, and grubby fingerprints. The safe removal of this accumulation may become more challenging with time, particularly if you use harsher cleaning agents that can etch the paint on your cabinets.


Therefore, you must use a delicate cleaning technique when you clean your painted cabinets. Continue reading to discover the ideal approaches to this process.

When Should I Clean My Kitchen Cabinets?

Ideally, you should wipe out your kitchen cabinets once a week or every other week. Nevertheless, this sum will vary according to how much use they receive. In general, fewer oil and difficult-to-remove stains accumulate on your cabinets the more frequently you wipe them clean. Unwanted grease, bacteria, and grime can be avoided by performing routine cleaning. Regular cleaning will also help painted cabinets retain their paint.

Guidelines for Cleaning Painted Wood Cabinets

You must be aware of the harm that too much water and abrasive cleaners may do to the paint and wood when cleaning your painted wood cabinets. Consequently, various gentle cleaning techniques are available for you to attempt, depending on how much filth and oil have accumulated. These several techniques include:


  • Use a moist, soft cloth (microfiber works best) to gently wipe off your cabinets if they have any light spills or dust. After that, dry them off with a different cloth or towel.


  • Use dish soap and warm water to create a slightly sudsy cleaning solution if there is some grease and grime accumulation. Use a delicate cloth to dip into the mixture, being careful not to soak it too much, and then use circular motions to wipe away the grease off your cabinets. Once the fat has been removed, grab a fresh cloth and wipe away any suds or stains using non-soapy water. Dry-clean the cabinetry.


  • Use a cleaning solution of vinegar (1 cup), warm water (2 cups), and baking soda (1 tablespoon) for tougher grease and stains (tip: add a small amount of dish soap for extra-strength). Use a delicate cloth to remove the heavy grease and stained parts of your cabinets by dipping it into this mixture. Alternately, spray a vinegar and water solution on the thicker grease stains and let it remain there for a few minutes before wiping it off. After finishing, grab a new cloth and wipe away any leftover debris with non-soapy water. Dry-clean the cabinetry.

If the natural remedies mentioned above aren’t removing the grease, you can also utilize paint-safe cleansers; just make sure to conduct a spot test first. However, by cleaning more frequently, you can prevent a heavier cleaning that might be hard on your painted cabinets.

When cleaning your painted cabinets, avoid the following:

  • abrasive sponges or scrubbers
  • cleaners that use harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia
  • your cabinets with water
  • Getting water inside your cabinets or soaking hinges
  • Leaving damp cabinets to dry naturally

How to Maintain Clean Painted Cabinets

Regular, gentle cleaning is the best method to maintain your cabinets free of stains, oil, dust, and debris. Following are some useful hints for keeping clean kitchen cabinets:


  • regularly clean them
  • As you use the kitchen, finish the cleaning.
  • Spills should be cleaned right away.
  • Do not hang wet towels over the doors or drawers of cabinets.
  • 1-2 times a year, deep clean both the interior and exterior.
  • When necessary, refinish the paint.

Should You Refinish Your Recently Cleaned Cabinets?

Do you notice your cabinets still appear a little worn out despite being free of oil and debris now? It can be time for a fresh coat of paint whether the paint is worn-out or chipped. Count on your neighborhood specialists at Bergen Rockland Painters for exceptional cabinet paint refinishing quality. We can assist with restoring both the interior and outside appearance of your cabinets and other home furnishings. Call us at (973) 846-5552 for additional information, or request an estimate online right now.