A Fun Front Door Will Make Your House Stand Out

The inside of your home should normally come first when considering home design ideas. There are several small projects you can do that will have a major impact on curb appeal, even while larger work like landscaping and exterior home painting can consume a significant portion of your budget. With a can of paint, you receive the most value for your money, just like inside your house. Your front door’s striking hue will make a world of difference. Here are some of Bergen Rockland Painters top paint colors for front doors.


Although some people are hesitant to paint their front door such a strong red, it is actually one of the friendliest exterior paint colors. Pick a shade of red that works well with the other colors on the outside of your house. If you want to create a bold statement, try a high gloss fire engine red; if you want something cozier, tone it down with more of a paprika hue.


Orange contrasts beautifully with dark outside house colors like gray or blue or with dark exterior house colors like charcoal. Take inspiration from a sunrise on the Central Coast or a sunset at Grover Beach. Those orange hues somehow have a soothing and hospitable quality that is perfect for creating a warm and friendly ambiance.


Because there are so many alternatives, yellow paint is an excellent choice for a front door. Choose a mustard yellow for a more subdued appearance. Pick a lemony high gloss yellow for a welcoming atmosphere that is upbeat and positive. Yellow complements practically any exterior house color. Similar to orange, it contrasts so vividly with a dark gray house but also looks fantastic on a seaside house with white shingles.

Light Lime

Lime green has to be included on our list of favorite daring hues, especially for Central Coast-area homes. Lime green surprisingly complements exterior house colors that could struggle with other aggressive colors. Plums, browns, and even reds go very well with lime green.

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