Summertime is a fantastic time to go on vacation and spend time at the beach, but it can also be a terrific time to start new tasks around the house and work outside. The summer is a popular time for homeowners to paint their home’s exterior, but such a large-scale undertaking requires careful preparation and consideration. Painting requires planning, and having some insider knowledge will help your project go even more smoothly and successfully. The best advice and shortcuts for your summer painting endeavor are in the following paragraphs.


Paint dries incredibly fast in warm temperatures, which may be both beneficial and dangerous. On the days you paint, there are a few external conditions you should be aware of to make sure your paint dries properly. It is preferable to stay away from temperatures above 95 degrees Fahrenheit and paint in direct sunshine while painting outside in the summer. Neither of these situations should be combined with painting a hot or porous surface. It’s crucial to avoid painting when two or more of these circumstances exist in order to maximize the success of your paintwork.


The desire to paint a home’s exterior is expected in the summer, but there is a recommended temperature range when it comes to painting outdoors in the heat. The paint may not adhere to the exterior of the house correctly if it is too hot outside, which might cause peeling and cracking. The ideal outdoor painting temperature is generally thought to be around 70 degrees. For a more precise temperature estimate, check the label on the paint cans you select. When to paint outdoors also depends on humidity because a high humidity level impacts how long it takes for paint to dry and cure. To avoid having to start and stop frequently, it is best to wait until there is a period of favorable weather before beginning your project. Painting outdoors is best at 50% relative humidity.


Rinsing your house to get rid of any mold and mildew is one of the most important steps in getting ready to paint the exterior of your home, and summer is a fantastic time to do this. Start by spraying the home with a little bleach solution, cleaning it with water (power washers can be too strong and damage the wood), and then waiting a few bright days before painting. The more warmth and sunlight, the better for drying.


The sun will undoubtedly be out when painting in the summer, but for outside painting, keeping in the shade is one of your best chances. To do this, start painting on the side of your home that receives the most shade and move with the shade as the sun moves across the sky during the day. It’s crucial to remain in the shadow since direct sunlight raises the surface temperature that you’re painting on and can make your home’s exterior 15 degrees warmer than the surrounding air.


Summertime is one of the ideal times to make your home’s outside seem lovely. There is no better time to make sure the color you have picked for your house fits the rest of your property than during the summer, when plants are at their greenest and flowers and trees are in full bloom. Summer is when your yard is at its most vibrant and beautiful, making it the ideal time to clean up your home’s exterior as well.


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